January 22, 2018

Golf Swing Instructions: Take Dead Aim Or Accept The Blame

best golf techniqueSome of the best golf swing instructions has to do with being committed to a specific golf shot.

The reason why being committed to a specific golf shot is some of the best golf swing instructions is that without such commitment you are less than likely to execute the shot successfully.

I recently posted one of my golf swing tips on some of my social media sites. It read ” take dead aim or accept the blame.”

You certainly must take dead aim if you expect to hit your golf ball straight.

Thus, one of the commitment requirements to hit your golf ball straight as an arrow directly to your target is to take dead aim to a very specific and narrow target, whether to the top of a tree, the tip end of a tree limb, the outer edge of a bunker or whatever.

Unless the target to which you are aiming is very narrowly defined in your mind’s eye, it is difficult to be focused enough on the target when you execute your golf swing.

Just as in shooting an arrow to a target, unless you have identified not only the target but the bulls eye on the target you are not likely to hit the bulls eye, much less the target.

Another commitment requirement is to select the correct club that, if swung correctly, will not only produce a straight golf shot but will carry your ball to your target.

Tiger recently commented after the final round of the U.S. Open at the Olympic Golf Course in San Francisco that he was between clubs all day.

Just like Tiger, it is difficult to be committed to hit your best golf shots when you are between clubs.

If  between clubs you must choke down or set up for a fade with respect to the longer club in question or set up for a draw with regard to the shorter club at hand.

Indeed, there are many commitment requirements before executing a simple golf swing to propel your golf ball to your target, as addressed in a portion of a recent article.

Here are some of the golf swing tips covered in the article about commitment:

“Before every shot, select a target and decide what distance, trajectory and ground reaction you are expecting. Having a more complete idea of every shot you hit will keep you in the moment, not wasting time and energy on what might go wrong, but focusing in on the positive outcome a great shot will produce.” Read more…pga.com/golf-instruction/lesson-learned/fundamentals/commit-each-shot-lesson-learned.

As the article suggests, you not only need to determine the precise distance between your ball and your target, you need to determine whether the situation calls for a high or low shot,  whether the ball should be curved in some way and, also, how it will react upon landing.

However, once you have processed all such details, you must be committed to each of them before you commence your back swing.

Then the golf swing instructions are no more than to take dead aim so you don’t have to ever take the blame.

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