January 22, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: How To Grip Your Club Lightly

best golf swing instructionsA recent article suggests one of the best tips on golf swing is to grip a golf club lightly if you wish to improve your golf swing.

One reason why this is one of the best tips on golf swing is that a  tightly gripped club will prevent a full and complete back swing.

As a consequence, there will be tendency to come over the top during the down swing and produce a slice ball flight, according to the article.

I do agree that when a club is gripped too tightly, it is more difficult to complete a full back swing. However, I do not necessarily subscribe to the idea that the result will be a slice ball flight.

As long as the down swing delivers a square club face to the ball at impact on a path that matches the target line, the ball will fly on a straight path, regardless of the degree of the back swing. This assumes an absence of wind conditions or elevation differences between the stance and the ball.

The following is a portion of the article:

“When initially learning to play it’s best to find the correct grip on the club. Normally, people seek to grip the club hard in hopes of striking the golf ball further. Alternatively you should employ a grip that’s comfortable yet firm. Hold the club just like you are holding a bird. Tight enough making sure that it won’t fly alway but soft to make sure you do not harm it.

In case you are feeling that you’ll be swinging too quickly (blank) that the club head cannot actually assist you through your swing, one easy strategy to aid could be to check out a more lightweight grip. This straightforward fix helps to make the club head feel a bit more heavy through the swing, and might keep you emotionally centered on the techniques of your swing.

Employ a neutral grip on your golf-club. In case you hold the golf-club too tight, the shots are going to have a tendency to veer off to the right. However, should you hold your club too loosely, the golf ball may go off to the left. Make use of the course of your shots to correct your grip.

Be careful about your grip pressure. In the event that your golf ball to veer off to the left, be sure you’re not holding your golf-club too loosely. Conversely, gripping the club too tightly can easily cause the golf ball to veer off to the right. Adjust your grip accordingly and you’ll still find it much easier to aim true.”

The entire article can be found at http://www.infozonex.com/wonderful-tips-for-improving-your-short-game/.

Although many instructors teach students to hold the golf club very lightly, I personally believe it is overly stresssed.

Certainly, when a golfer grips a club too tightly, it can cause a host of problems but many golfers do not feel the club to be sufficiently secure in their hands when it is held too loosely.

Perhaps a better tip on golf swing would be to hold the golf club securely and comfortably  in the hands.

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