January 22, 2018

Golf Swing Tips: Easy Steps To Better Bunker Play

golf swing instruction tipsThere are some very useful golf swing tips regarding bunker play.

One of the best golf swing tips relating to better sand play is to buy good equipment.

If you do not have a good sand wedge in your set don’t expect to be the best bunker player in your foursome. If you don’t have a quality type sand wedge in your set don’t expect to improve your bunker play significantly.

A recent article discusses some golf swing tips about the importance of buying the best sand wedge for your set. Here is a portion of the article:

“As you fill your golf bag, you should have a quality sand wedge that is fitted to you and your swing shape. So many golfers I come across either have a sand wedge that just matches their iron set or they have an old hand-me-down club. You’ll hit your sand wedge from either sand or grass at least five times a round, so make sure it is fitted to you and spend the money on a top brand.” Read more…http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/07/14/ten-tips-for-better-sand-shots.

Most of the sets available for purchase nowadays include a sand wedge but there are some that don”t. Even with respect to those that don’t include a sand wedge in the regular set the manufacturer typical will have available one that matches the regular set.

If available it probably is a good idea to have a sand wedge that matches your set because it will feel more natural and comfortable to you.

If not available, you should then strive to find a quality sand wedge typically available at you pro shop or a nearby golf store. It may not be a good golf swing tip to buy a sand wedge online unless it is a well known brand name.

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