February 22, 2018


Gordon Jackson' new and revolutionary book, HOW TO LOCK-IN A PERFECT GRIP, introduces eight new ways to grip a golf club to lock-in a square clubface alignment and an on-line swing path of the clubface during the pre-swing proceedings.

None of the conventional ways to grip a golf club will lock-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of the clubface. Indeed, none will lock-in any alignment or swing path at all.

Each of the conventional styles of golf grip, whether that of the original Vardon overlapping, modified Vardon overlapping, traditional interlocking or regular baseball (ten fingers) types of grip, creates a slice ball flight alignment.

When you learn these new and revolutionary gripping techniques in HOW TO LOCK-IN A PERFECT GRIP you can expect----

  • To hit your ball farther and higher than in the past.
  • To take at least one or two clubs less to produce the same distance as in the past.
  • To “outdrive” everyone in your foursome.
  • To never fear slicing your ball in the future.
  • To be in a perfect position at every critical point in your golf swing.
  • To never fear water or sand again, because you will know precisely where your ball will land with each and every golf shot.
  • To never be embarrassed in front of your friends because of mishit golf shots.
  • To never again hook your ball out-of-bounds or into the woods or lake.
  • To never shank, top, chunk or skull your golf shot, ever again.
  • To begin to enjoy the game like never before.

For the first time ever, the instructions to perform these eight new and revolutionary gripping techniques are available in a downloadable format. This book can be downloaded to you in a matter of seconds and within minutes after receiving it you can learn how to grip your club perfectly, each and every time.

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